Me Hungry
Written by Jeremy Tankard. Illustrated by Jeremy Tankard.
Candlewick Press (2008)
SUMMARY: Me hungry, the boy pleads. Me busy, says his preoccupied mom and dad. So the boy decides to go hunting, setting his sights on an elusive rabbit, a prickly porcupine, a too-mean tiger, and finally, a like-minded mammoth who’s more than happy to help.
NOTE: The narrative is composed of dialogue balloons.

No, David
Written by David Shannon. Illustrated by David Shannon.
Scholastic (1998)
SUMMARY: David seems to always be doing naughty things, for which he is repeatedly admonished. He can't seem to help himself, he tries to be good, and finally he gets a hug.
NOTE: Includes author's note. The narrative in this book is entirely dialogue, David's mother admonishing his negative behavior.